Lex Barker

The story about subconscious path of chasing our dreams and about sacrifices we face along the way even though the cost is sometimes very high. Music video for the pilot song Na more of the album 3 I created for my friends from Lex Barker.
Main inpiration came from my fascination by the ocean and its hidden mysteries I always dreamt about as a child.
I had a chance to meet on this project with friends from the music band Lex Barker. We know each other for a long time and have a lot in common so when they asked me to make the music video for one of their song from the new album called 3, I didn't hesitate.
I started with art style tests and later with storyboard I presented to the band. Each shot was supposed to be something new which would unwrap in front of the audience.
Even though I used various software packages Houdini became a key one for the project as creating procedural tools for elements which were used across the whole projects was crucial.
Camera rig was used across all shots allowing more cinematic camera movement. I always admired work of the DOP masters and took inspiration from many of my favourite movies.
This particular project was an amazing journey. I have been given a full freedom and could truly depict my imaginative worlds I was always passionate about.
That's why I am also happy and honored that it was noticed and selected to the competition Czech Horizon at Anifilm 2021.
Direction, Art Direction, CGI, Animation - Jan Krocak
Music, Lyrics - Lex Barker  
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